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What are Children's Development Services (CDS) in Maine?

Child Development Services of Maine is funded by the Department of Education. CDS has an office in every Maine county. CDS is responsible for Childfind for children from birth to age 5 in Maine. Childfind is the process of identifying children with disabilities. Services can include screening, evaluations, and interventions for:

  • audiology
  • developmental therapy
  • health services
  • occupational therapy
  • physical therapy
  • psychological services
  • speech and language therapy
  • vision services

Other services can include:

  • family counseling
  • social work services
  • transportation

They also offer developmental screenings and evaluations in the area of concern to decide if your child needs Early Intervention Services. Services are provided at no cost to Maine children age 3-5 and free or on a sliding scale for children age 0-2.

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