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Age 18 Checklist

Note:Not all activities are applicable to everyone


  • Apply for Social Security benefits and/or SSI (Contact local Social Security Office to determine timeline for applying).
  • Research appropriateness of a special needs trust.

Health Insurance

  • Determine upper age limits on eligibility for children with disabilities on your personal insurance policy.
  • Explore health insurance options (i.e. MaineCare/Medicaid). See MaineCare Section.

Selective Service

  • Register for the Draft (males only) at the local Post Office.


  • Petition court for guardianship, if necessary. Contact local Probate Court to determine timeline for applying and associated costs.

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Ensure application for Vocational Rehabilitation services has occurred (interview completed and application signed).

Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services (BDS)

  • Apply for eligibility of Adult Services (even if your child has children’s case management services)

To speed up the process for applying for both SSI and MaineCare (Medicaid), take the following items to your appointment:

  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Account Records
  • School Records (IEP & Assessments)
  • Medical Records/Medication information
  • Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers of Doctors who treat your youth
  • A copy of Special Needs Trust, if applicable

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