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Preparing for Your Youth's First Transition Planning Meeting

  1. Talk with your youth about his or her hopes, dreams and plans for the future (i.e. Dreams/SNOW Charts). Make notes of your youth’s goals and plans.
  2. Meet with or speak to your youth’s special education teacher before the first meeting:
    • Review your youth’s post-school goals
    • Discuss realistic time frames for attaining the identified goals
    • Determine together who should be invited to the meeting
  3. Encourage your youth to attend the transition planning / PET meeting and help him/her to prepare to share information about his/her future goals and plans.
  4. Prepare to share what you know and your dreams/goals for your youth. Information about living skills, special interests, summer or after-school jobs, individual strengths etc., as well as the results of formal evaluations are very important for the team to know. Remember, you are an integral member of your child’s team.
  5. Prepare to discuss your expectations for your youth.
  6. Bring your own questions.
    • What information do you need from the various members of the transition planning team?
  7. Talk to other parents who have children who are going through or have gone through the process for support and resource ideas.
  8. Contact your regional transition council for help in identifying resources, information and referral, and technical assistance-related to transition.
  9. Keep a file of all your communications and people you have contacted, date that you spoke, and the results of the conversations.
  10. Remember that teamwork is an absolutely essential part of transition planning. Do not hesitate to call any member of the team to exchange information or ask questions.

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