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Maintaining an Apartment

It’s wonderful that you have your own space. Your apartment is a healthy way to manage your independence. You have your privacy. Your apartment is your home. Maintaining an apartment is very important and necessary. Maintaining an apartment is also hard work.

You need to keep your apartment clean and comfortable. You need to have fresh food regularly. In your apartment you must have a space where you can wind down and relax. You need a space in your apartment where you can have a little enjoyment. You want a space in your apartment where company can sit and visit. You want your apartment to reflect your lifestyle.

You don’t have a dull life and you don’t want a dull apartment. So you need to use your imagination when you set up your apartment with your belongings. Your apartment should be a resourceful place for you. Think of managing your apartment like managing a relationship. Avoid war with your apartment. Be on good terms with the place you live. This takes a caring attitude and a commitment to do the work to maintain your apartment.

There are many ways to keep your apartment clean. Some people have a set routine every week when they clean their apartment. Other people clean it when they start seeing dirt build up and clutter pile up. Unfortunately many people don’t give their apartment the attention it needs. It becomes an uncomfortable place to be and too embarrassing to invite people over to. To avoid this discomfort you need to clean your apartment on a regular basis.

A great way start is to organize your apartment the way you want it set up when you move in. Then make a habit of putting things back where they belong when you are done using them. This will help with the problems of clutter and not knowing where things are. It will also motivate you to keep your apartment clean. Remember that it’s your space! You can always rearrange things a different way, but this way you will be able to find the things you need to move them around.

Keeping your apartment clean requires you to be responsible every day. Some chores you will need to do daily:

  • Do your dishes every day. Keep your sink clean. This is how you will avoid the problem of not having any clean dishes available to eat off or not having a clean coffee mug when you offer your neighbor a cup. If you don’t clean your dishes every day, the opportunity for unwanted guests will increase. Food particles on dirty dishes are an invitation for ants, flies, fruit flies, cock roaches and bugs you don’t even know the name of or care to have visit. Do your dishes.
  • Clean the table you eat off and your countertops every single day. Empty your wastebasket every time your trash gets full. Overflowing trash is another attractive invitation to the guests we mentioned above that expect to live with you and share your food rent-free. Have a can of Lysol available to disinfect your wastebasket before you put a clean trash bag in. Empty your trash.
  • Sweep your kitchen floor once a day along with any other areas that see heavy traffic.

Other chores may need to be done weekly:

  • Also keep up with your laundry. Do your laundry every time you get a full load or pick a time once a week when you set aside to do all of your laundry. Don’t procrastinate. Use a laundry basket or laundry bag to put your clothes in after you take off your dirty clothes. You need clean clothes. Do your laundry.
  • You want your bathroom to be comfortable and pleasant. Your bathroom needs to be cleaned at least once a week. This includes your toilet, shower, and bath if you have one, sink, mirrors, and your bathroom floor. A dirty bathroom puts you at a great risk for catching viruses or bacterial infections. Dirty bathrooms smell offensive and they are uncomfortable to be in.

    Follow the directions carefully for any cleaning agent you use. Use a cleaning agent like Comet to clean your toilet bowl. Use a strong disinfectant like Lysol to clean your toilet seat and underneath it. You can use the same type of disinfectant to clean your sink and bathroom mirrors. Wipe down your shower walls daily after showering. Use Clorox and hot water to mop your floor. Follow the directions on the Clorox bottle carefully. Make sure you always keep toilet paper and paper towels available and on stock in the bathroom. Clean your bathroom at least once a week.

Cleaning your apartment takes time, hard work and practice. However, clean apartments are easier to maintain and they are less expensive. You will appreciate your apartment more if it is clean. Cleaning your apartment is an important part of maintaining your apartment.

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