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Below are some factors to consider when looking for respite services.

  • Respite services for children and adults are funded differently.  The funding generally determines the eligibility.

  • Some programs require the consumer to be eligible for MaineCare (Medicaid); some do not. 

  • Some programs only offer respite services, some offer respite as one of many services that you will receive if you are eligible for their program.

  • As with all services funded by community and state agencies, programs and eligibility for services are always changing. 

  • If you carry private health insurance, check if respite services are covered.  Some insurances offer limited coverage.

  • There are not enough direct care workers in Maine to provide respite, so often there is a waiting list for services.  In order to get respite services you should get your name on the waiting list, even if you don't need respite at the moment.

  • Even if you are found eligible and allocated funds for respite services, there may still be a wait for the respite service.

  • Check if the agency that is providing the respite worker does national background checks, trains, and certifies workers and maintains a registry of workers.  Some agencies may only do some of these steps.

  • Some agencies allow you to select your own respite worker (a friend or neighbor), others may restrict the selection from their own registered respite workers.

  • Respite agencies pay in home respite workers at different rates of pay.  They are usually based on the respite workers' skills and the level of needs of the consumer.

  • The regional Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) support respite services for elderly.  Contact your local (AAA) to see if funds are available for emergency respite relief.

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