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Tip Sheet button You can find a Tip Sheet (or several Tip Sheets!) on this page.


Toolkit buttonYou can find a Toolkit on this page.


The Home page has information about why the site was developed, privacy, copyright, and disclaimers. The Babel Fish icon is at the bottom of the page; use it to translate this site into another language.


Living in the Community
This is the largest area of the site. Here you will find links, tools and tips about services in Maine and the U.S. You may notice that the same links are found in more than one place. This is because they contain information on more than one subject.

Maine State System
This is a listing of the Maine State agencies that support services for persons with disabilities. It is arranged by the population served, list of services, and contact information. Use the Directory to find the services you need.


Using the Internet You will find a Toolkit in this section!
If you’re a newcomer to using the Internet, check out the Guide to Using the Internet located in this section. There are also links to sites that tell you where you can find (free) public computers in Maine.


Health Center You will find Tip Sheets in this section!
This section provides useful health and medical information.


Library and Glossary You will find Tip Sheets in this section!
The Library and Glossary has three sections:

  • in the Diagnosis Directory you can find sites that can help you find out about conditions and syndromes.
  • in General Information, there are links to major, comprehensive sites and a glossary of terms.
  • in the Glossary, you can find many acronyms and definitions of terms.

Maine Store
Here are links to stores where you can find and order the products you need, either online or over the phone.

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