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Maine Store

The Maine Store includes information that might be useful to providers, employers, landlords and consumers about purchasing products and other resources related to disabilities.



The following sites have comprehensive information on many types of products:

Fountain graphic AbleData

Fountain graphic The Boulevard - This website is an online store for adaptive devices. You can buy some items directly through them or connect to links of many other websites that sell directly.


Adaptive Equipment

Ability Hub - Ability Hub, a site by and for persons with disabilities, focuses on adaptive equipment and alternative methods to access computers such as text readers, handheld spell checkers, flatbed scanners and memory devices.


Accessolutions - You can get information and purchase assistive devices and hearing aids on this site. It also has ADA information and driving information for individuals who are hard of hearing.


Adaptive Mall - This site was written by the sister of a woman with a disability and is an on-line shopping mall of adaptive devices/equipment for children with disabilities.


All-ways Accessible - This New Hampshire site has a variety of products to purchase to increase accessibility for people who use wheelchairs.


Closed-Captioning Maker - This is a business that adds closed-captioning to videos and DVDs.


Communications - This website has adaptive devices and technologies for persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing.


Medical Supplies, Inc. - Located in Waterville, the store sells ramps, lifts, and stairway lifts.


Mobility Products - This site has a listing of companies that supply wheelchair, lift and ramp products.


Normington Medical — This website store specializes in scooters, lift chairs and wheelchairs. They're located in Florida.


Patient Lifts of New England -This New Hampshire company provides "complete safe patient handling and transfer solutions." They serve all of New England for both home care and institutional settings. Their toll-free number is: 800-987-6219


RehabTool — RehabTool offers assistive and adaptive technology products, an online community forum, and a search engine to find products.


Ride-Away — Ride-Away provides sales and rentals of accessible vehicles and vehicle modifications.


Rifton Equipment — This New York-based company sells a variety of mobility equipment for children and adults. Though there is a place to "log in"to view the site, you don't have to. Just click on the type of equipment you want to see and scroll down for the price and detail information.


TherAdapt - This site offers a variety of equipment for treatment and rehabilitation for all types of needs.


Ultratec - This website has TTYs, adaptive phones and signalers for persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing.


Fountain graphic Vehicle Adaptation Information - This page is on the Car Talk radio program website. It contains links to resources about simple hand controls to voice recognition devices. Click on the link to "Our Favorite Resources" or to their question and answer page.


The World Playground, Parks & Recreation Products And Services Web Directory - This site offers a variety of companies who provide accessible playground equipment. They are listed both by manufacturer, and by type of equipment you are looking to purchase.

Books and Periodicals

Brookes Publishing - At this site, you can find plentiful resources based on the latest disability research, education and child development.


Edmark - Edmark is a developer and publisher of children's educational software. Here, you'll find descriptions of the unique features in programs that make exceptional learning tools for children with special needs.,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


Inclusion Press - This site is a small independent press striving to produce readable, accessible, user-friendly books and resources about full inclusion in school, work, and community.


Woodbine House - publishes books for parents, children, teachers and other professionals on a host of disabilities and disability-related resources.

Home Modification

Adaptive Environments Center - Adaptive Environments has compliance guides to help business owners identify physical and communication barriers in their facilities. Specialized guides are available for supermarkets, food service, community buildings, and schools.


Building Materials Exchange - The Exchange offers recycled housing materials for purchase to Maine families to maintain and repair their homes. The Exchange requires a membership and is based on household income.

Products for Persons who are Blind or Visually Impaired

American Printing House for the Blind - This site provides educational tool for the individuals who are blind.


Assistive Media - This site bills itself as "Expanding the World of Reading" for persons who are blind and visually impaired.


Mainely Access - Providing adaptive technology assessment and training to individuals with disabilities throughout the state of Maine.


Quantum Technology - This site provides products and services for individuals who are blind.


Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic - Educational and professional books on audiotape, covering all subjects from kindergarten through postgraduate.


Telesensory - Products include video magnifiers and CCTVs.


National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers - This site lists the suppliers who are registered dealers.

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