Find Substance Use Disorder Treatment Providers

Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship of those recovering from substance use disorder.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are treatment services provided at an agency office and consist of intensive and structured substance use treatment in a group setting three to four days a week. Intensive outpatient programs typically last for about three or four weeks. 

Outpatient Treatment is treatment provided at an agency office and can include individual, group, and family sessions, usually for an hour or ninety minutes once a week. 

Non-Hospital Based Detoxification is a resource for those experiencing acute physical problems related to substance use withdrawal. Detoxification services are provided by medical professionals (e.g. physicians, nurses) in a residential setting. 

Residential rehabilitation treatment programs provide substance use treatment services in a group living setting. Residential rehabilitation programs are designed to treat persons who have substance use disorder and significant social and psychological impairment. 

For local community information about resources to help families and individuals meet their needs contact 211 Maine, a free and confidential helpline: